“We began our journey as first time home buyers working with agent after agent and were met with some less than desirable energy and enthusiasm, which didn’t bring about the results we were looking for. Then a relative of ours referred us to Andrew and were exceptionally pleased with his honesty, integrity, and communication skills. In spite of working in a difficult market, Andrew helped us find a wonderful home that we love. We moved into our home in less than three months, which was only possible because of the advocacy and wisdom of Andrew. We loved our experience with Andrew. He is not only an expert and consummate professional, but he is also an amazing person who will work hard to help you find the right home for you. We will be recommending him to family and friends from now on!” ~Casey C.

“Andrew was great to work with. He was quick to respond to us whenever we had questions about selling our house and always there when we needed him. He had a great marketing plan and therefore we were able to get 22k over what we listed. Working with him and his assistant was a great pleasure and I highly recommend him to future customers.” ~Mark M.

“My wife and I were having a really hard time finding a trustworthy and capable agent until we stumbled upon Andrew Mendez. We had interviewed 2 other agents and both did not compare to the enthusiasm and excitement that Mr. Mendez has shown us. He updated us quite often, which was new to us, and answered any and all questions we had during this process. It was really quite the experience and very exciting working with this fine gentleman. We are recommending him to everyone we come across and are making him our go to guy when it comes to real estate. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.” ~David M.

“Andrew was very knowledgeable and helpful. From the beginning of my house hunting you can tell that he did his homework before hand. He had many places to show, until we found the perfect one. He is very courteous. I’ve used other real estate agents before but none were as helpful or patient than Andrew was. He is a good guy and great agent. I recommend him to family and friends every chance I get. He is a very hard worker. If I look for another house in the future will definitely call Andrew again.” ~Christina A.

“I used Andrew after working with a few other agents unsuccessfully. He was referred from a relative of mine, who has sold their house a year or two prior. The first consultation was the part that set him apart. He sat me down, went through a presentation about the home buying process with me, then he went over my paperwork with me and explained a few issues I needed to get in order. At first it caught me off guard, as none of the other agents made suggestions. It turned out to be the reason none of my offers were accepted. After about 3 days of getting everything together on my end, we went out and started looking. One very cool thing he did, was calling agents prior, and getting a response out of them as to the status of other offers and actual availability before actually showing. This right off the bat took several of the houses out saving a lot of time driving to see the homes. He ended up showing me 3 houses on our first visit. We made an offer on one, and I am certain his ability to talk to the other agent, was the reason our offer was accepted over 8 others. Since I first worked with Andrew, I have referred 3 friends to him, all who have quickly bought or sold their homes, and when I sell next year, I will use him again.” ~Chuck B.

“Greetings, I wanted to take the time and the initiative to highly recommend Mr. Joe Ramirez, I had a great experience to come across with this amazing gentlemen, he has a great professional ethic, he surely knows how to treat his clients, he’s very patient, and honest. Frankly I’m not easy to work with, but he delivered above all my expectations, I’m very pleased and impressed with this gentlemen. If I were to rate him from the scale 1-10, I would give him a 10, I recommend him not only because of his his honesty, but for his effort, love, and passion towards his job and customers.” ~Nelly G.